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1 thought on “Occupy Dubuque

  1. My name is Tom Johnson. I am a Catholic Worker at Hope House, located at 1592 Locust.

    I recently learned that our neighbors at 305 West 16th Street are receiving eviction notices from DB&T. One tenant was given January 13, 2012. DB&T will not honor leases from the previous owner. I’m unsure of the reason they have been given, but I understand that it is due to a mortgage default. I assume that DB&T doesn’t want to manage the property.

    These people need this place to live.

    Is anyone willing to help understand the situation and help these people?

    I am going to be out of DBQ until December 27, but will try to check for responses over the holidays.

    I don’t know much about how to proceed with helping them.



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