Occupy Cedar Rapids

Facebook page for Occupy Cedar Rapids

Website for Occupy Cedar Rapids





8 thoughts on “Occupy Cedar Rapids

  1. Do you think we should try to develop our Occupy CR website here? For continuity, I wonder if this wouldn’t be better than trying to compete with the FAKE http://www.occupycedarrapids.com website… Who’s gonna know to look for the .ORG at the end? I think this was officially endorsed as a host for cities’ individual webpages…

  2. has anyone tried to give solid answers as to what should be done to correct our current situation in america yet? i am in agreeance with the protesters, but also i’m realizing that making a complaint is good, but concrete answers are better…

  3. also is there a way to possibly coordinate to small cities and towns, to show that this includes all citizens in america, not just population centers?

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