Occupy Des Moines

We are Occupy Des Moines, a local, community-based movement in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the global Occupy movement. We are everyday people from all walks of life. We are all races, religions, and socioeconomic statuses. We are citizens who seek to make an honest and fruitful living doing work that expresses our values and passions. We are wage earners, business owners, salaried professionals, students, retirees, the working poor and the unemployed. We are your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. We are the 99%. We seek to build the land of possibilities we were promised during our youths: a place where opportunity means more than the pursuit of material wealth at the expense of others. By the power of our presence, our earnestness, and our resolve, we will stand as an effective counter to the greed, manipulation, and insincerity that have infiltrated the corporate, financial, and political infrastructure of our nation and our world. We define the 1% as those individuals who engage in unethical and destructive behaviors that diminish our democracy. The 1% perpetuate a broken system which furthers their own ends with no regard for fellow people. The 1% possess a staggeringly disproportionate amount of the nation’s wealth and their actions accelerate the disparity between themselves and the 99%. The 1% now own and control the mass media, fund thousands of lobbyists, and serve as the heads of many corporations and financial institutions. With such power and influence, the 1% have reduced Congress, the Presidency and the Judiciary to servants of a narrow and exclusive agenda. Therefore, we occupy with the resolute purpose of establishing a democratic and egalitarian community in which every person is treated with respect, dignity and honor. We will challenge economic, social and political injustice by liberating the collective consciousness and vast creative resources of the people. We will launch a multifaceted strategy against the current power structure through direct action, nonviolent confrontation, education, community interaction, participation in government, and the creation of alternative institutions. We will loosen the controlling grip the 1% has over our society and begin to build a politically and economically just future.

Website: http://www.occupydsm.org/

Occupy Des Moines Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/168151666612442/


18 thoughts on “Occupy Des Moines

  1. I’m in. I have posted on FB. I am single mom of 2 with autism. This movement has been a long time coming. I will be working the movement from word of mouth and my computer. When I am able to get out I will join you, but it is very difficult because of my situtation. Stay strong! Know that you are not alone when you march and protest. Those that can’t be there are there with you in spirit!

  2. I have a few minor/major suggestions that i really think will help focus and push this movement forward.

    First, for many of you that have become very emotional for how the press has slanted this, try not to speak to a camera or a radio. The voice of this movement should represent the people, however, this is something that is very personal to everyone and when the media engages something so emotional they are bound to illicit a response that isn’t exactly what this movement is about. We need to remember that is wasn’t long ago when the tea party was brought to light as a racist and bigot group of conservatives that has since proved to be far from true.

    All official Occupy (fill your city here) facebook and websites should restrain from taking an official political side. I understand that this is a mostly socially liberal founded group but this has completely no political ties, and you should treat it as such. This applies also to the poor wording towards the tea party; which should be considered an ally in this movement, as they essentially represent the same underlying facts that are present in this movement. Together we might not agree with everything the Tea Party does, but the fact that they can help create the push needed since they are already in political positions is very beneficial for us. This also applies to the difficulty of singling out democrats vs. republicans in terms of both sides doing things wrong. We cannot be afraid to explain what the president (and former) and democratic congress have done wrong just as much as we have about the republicans. No side of this battle is clear from blame, and we shouldn’t be afraid to stand united and say they are all to blame and the “buck” stops with every one of them.

    The second thing needed is a symbol. Symbols are powerful, symbols transcend words just as music does; it can make the world understand our frustration with this government just as they might sometimes be. I have seen plenty of symbols shown but one that has always stuck with me since sept 19th when I heard about this movement was the picture of the closed fist. It has been used a lot, but with a really good symbol we could definitely create a really good push and show that we are more than organized but we have started to develop and form into an actual party of people with the same ideas. This symbol unfortunately needs to eventually come with one other thing before election time 2012 – a face. The movement is representative of all the people and it is very hard to choose someone that can clearly represent all the vast ideas people have but if we narrow down the ideas from the huge spectrum they encompass now to just a grouped selection of vague ideas we can have someone who is representative of those ideas and who can speak loudly and clearly enough for the whole world to hear. Every movement has a face, (ie. MLK Jr, Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, Maya Angelou) and there will come a time in the near future where we will need a face.

    Third, as I mentioned above, we will need to clarify our stance. We do not to attack every little thing that someone wants legalized or illegalized, we need to appreciate the system of democracy and let the people decide but when we have 2000+ issues (I’ve heard this week alone) we need to focus our power to accomplish what we want to accomplish. The saying “united we rise, divided we fall” applies here; we cannot stretch our movement to thin with every idea; we need to focus on the main ones, the underlying facts and broaden them to encompass a group of ideas. I have looked over plenty of video and talked to plenty of people online and I’d like to propose a set of ideas that can help get this in focus. Now, I am not saying this has to be the set of ideas, but I am just giving it as an example and I really think it should be limited to fewer than 4 general ideas.

    -Accountability (This is purely focused on the elimination of corruption which is the obvious and the most notable cause, and it is hard pressed for anyone to say they are against this)
    -Representation and Opportunity (We stand for opportunity for all men and women to accomplish the American dream, we want equal rights not just based on skin tone or where you were born but how much money you make and how much education you have…pretty hard for a senator to say he/she is against opportunity as well)
    -Responsibility (something we will really have to improve upon as they will drag us through the mud with some of the practices by a few of the protestors but the general idea is that we was government to be responsible, no more childish behavior, no more over spending, if we are broke cut things that are reasonable and no back stabbing or bickering over agenda to better yourself compared to Americans and America)

    Lastly, I would like to request logic and reasoning when we protest. I understand it is tough that there might be situations when we are treated poorly, kicked out of restaurants or degraded by police officers, but we are not representative of what this movement is about when we resort to the opposite extreme. We need to hold our ground, remain firm, but still remain normal. Every chance the media and the government has they will try to use everything against us, and run our nose through it, and the quicker we realize this as a whole, the quicker we can stop and get directly to the facts. I don’t think that protestors in every city have done something wrong but if we act smart and work together and work as a whole we can accomplish a lot more than we have been.

    I hope you understand my points as I have noted them, I really appreciate all the amazing work the protestors have done thus far and how much people have sacrificed. I continue to hold strong and push this movement in my hometown and I would love to discuss these options and more with you or anyone who is interested and most particularly with any of the organizers of the occupy movements around the US and the globe. Thank you for your time.

    Andrew N
    I am 99%

    • Hi Andrew. 🙂 My partner and I were doing some research into the Occupy movement and stumbled upon your post, and we agree! We are actively participating in Occupy MN and would love to talk to you more. We connect with your “cry” for more focus and unity and want to talk to you further about your experience there in parallel to ours here… Looking forward to talking to you!


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