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  1. An Invitation to Take Part in the Occupy Radio FM National Radio Broadcast Network, Media For Occupiers, By Occupiers


    As representatives of this movement toward economic-justice, each occupier holds the future of the occupation in their hands. However, it is likely that we could find our cause lost in the noise of the 2012 election cycle—a critical opportunity to confront the very interests that mean to see our voices silenced. It is Occupy Radio FM’s conviction that an independent, occupier led broadcast network is a vital media resource.

    Since October 2011, we have coordinated with Occupy Wall Street and sites around the US to realize this vision. This network has been made possible through the tireless efforts of design, technology and media professionals who have contributed their time to create tools for this project. These tools will help sites connect and collaborate, cultivate awareness and seize the opportunity to reach an estimated 23 million listeners through freely available broadcast, archive and social media systems.

    Approaching our launch date, we are connecting with you and other sites to invite you to take part in this national effort. We invite you to stand beside every occupation site with a common vision to catalyze social discourse through this citizen journalists’ operation. We invite you to connect, collaborate, learn and document the occupation movement and the issues that bring us together. To forge a People’s microphone able to reach every corner of the globe, we need your voices.

    To learn more about how your site can join the National Broadcast Network visit:

    To connect directly with our national coordination team and get started, please email:

    To follow our progress, visit us on Facebook ( or stay tuned to As every voice is necessary, feel free to pass this information along to others you believe would be interested.

    In Solidarity,
    The Occupy Radio FM National Broadcast Working Group

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