Dethrone the King

Rep. Steve King claimed that Occupy Sioux City is funded by liberal and anti-enterprise interests.At last month’s “Defenders of Freedom” event hosted by The Iowa Republican, Rep. Steve King made the baseless claim that Occupy Sioux City (OSC) is “…being funded by left wing interests, anti-free enterprise interests.” He went on to say that he thinks Occupy Sioux City and the larger OWS movement “do have a point in their complaints about the Wall Street bailouts.” He added that the Tea Party was already on that case, and that the Tea Party cleans up after themselves “unlike the Occupy folks.”

Dethrone the KingOccupy Sioux City responded to his statements by having a small march to his downtown office during a demonstration on November 5th. To supplement this, OSC has also decided to demonstrate outside of his downtown office on the 22nd from noon to one o’clock.

The focus of the protest will be to show Rep. King what the movement has been proclaiming since its inception: we are the 99 percent. The movement is not “left wing” or “anti-free enterprise” as Rep. King and others assume. OSC, like many other Occupations, is diverse in its ideas but unified in its disgruntlement. Most importantly, it is entirely grassroots and devoid of any affiliations, unlike the Tea Party folks.

At the same location that the “Defenders of Freedom” event was held — the Sioux City Convention Center — Fox News is set to host a GOP presidential debate on December 15th. Although it is not yet a planned event, many in Occupy Sioux City have expressed interest in protesting outside of the debate in order to bring attention to the movement and give the candidates the privilege of meeting Occupy Sioux City. Occupiers certainly have many questions and suggestions for them.


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